General Mills Tastemakers

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2014 10:41AM PDT

By participating in this Tastemaker Panel, I agree that:


* I am at least 18 years of age;

* From time to time, General Mills may encourage me to provide feedback about products, advertising, or other initiatives, or I may otherwise volunteer such feedback or other comments or suggestions related to the advertising, products, or business of General Mills or its business partners. I understand and agree that General Mills will solely own any ideas or suggestions I may provide, and that General Mills and its business partners may freely use (or transfer to others) such ideas or suggestions without compensation.

* General Mills may solicit my feedback on confidential new products, advertising, or other initiatives. In these circumstances, General Mills will inform me of the confidential nature of the information provided to me and I agree that I will keep this information in confidence.

* All comments, suggestions, information, ideas, or other materials I provide/submit to General Mills at its request or on my initiative will be General Mills’ property, with or without attribution to me, without compensation.

* I won’t upload or post anything owned by anyone else, nor will I upload images of (or personal information about) anyone else without their permission. When I post text, images, audio or other content (such as photos of a party you host, for example), that any such content is not owned by a third party (such as a professional photographer) and that I am free to post it; and that I will not post any content that depicts, records, or otherwise refers to anyone other than myself unless I have obtained their express permission to post the content.

* I will always disclose the fact that I received free products from or have a connection to General Mills.

* When I talk about the products, I will avoid making unsubstantiated or non-factual statements about perceived benefits offered by the products. (Unsubstantiated statements like “this cereal will eliminate back pain” can violate the law and subject you and the brand to liability.)

* I will share only my own opinions (e.g., about the taste and variety of the products) and/or factual information provided by General Mills or taken directly from the product packaging.

* I understand and agree that neither Klout nor General Mills will have any liability in connection with any activities I undertake as a Tastemakers member. I will be responsible for all injuries, damages, losses, or other liabilities that may occur in connection with any of my activities.

* I agree not to sell any products or other items I receive from General Mills pursuant to my participation in the Tastemakers program. I acknowledge that if it comes to the attention of General Mills, Klout or any of their third party partners that I have in fact, attempted to do so via any form of media, General Mills, in its sole discretion, will direct Klout to remove me from the Tastemakers program.