How do I share content?

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 02:49PM PST

To share content, if you’re not already looking at the Create screen, tap Create in the the side menu.

The Create screen comprises the compose panel at top and a carousel of suggested content at the bottom. This content is carefully selected for you based on your chosen topics. To share an item of content, drag a content card from the carousel up into the compose panel. Your post will be auto-filled with the content web link and the title of the article. The text entry cursor will automatically be placed at the start of the post text, and the keyboard will appear ready for you to add your own text to the post.

At any time during the composition of your post, you can tap the home icon to return to the content carousel to choose a different content item to share.

You can tap the location toggle to toggle on/off your current location tag on your post.

You can tap the photo button to add a photo to you post using your device’s built in camera, or by selecting a photo from your photo library.

You can tap the schedule button to select a time at which to schedule your post. If no time is selected, your post will be sent immediately.

You can tap the trashcan button at any time to clear your post and start over.