How do I reschedule a failed Post?

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 02:53PM PST

Sometimes your posts fail, most likely due to problems at the Facebook or Twitter end, or because the permissions you gave Klout for Facebook and Twitter have expired. When a post fails, you will receive a push notification (if enabled).

You will also see a yellow warning triangle in the app next to the menu button, and next to the Schedule side menu item. If the post failed due to a permissions problem, you will also see a warning triangle next to the settings cog on the side menu.

You can edit the failed post by tapping the Schedule menu item, then tapping the post shown in the Failed Posts section of your scheduled posts list.

If the post failed due to permissions problems, you will be asked to reauthorize the affected network connection.

If the failure was due to a problem at the Facebook or Twitter end, or once you’ve reauthorized the affected network, you will taken to the standard post edit view.