What are Klout topics?

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2015 08:01AM PST
Klout suggests topics—the things you are influential about—based on your content that inspires the most social action. You can add topics to your profile to better reflect who you are and what you talk about.

Klout generates a topic by semantically analyzing the content you create and the actions and conversations it inspires. Your most influential topics are not those topics you talk about the most, but those that you get the most engagement on. If someone has influenced you on a topic you can give them +K on their topics page. If one of your topics doesn't feel right to you, you can remove it in your own topics tab by clicking the "x" next to your topic.

Why Do I have this topic?

Klout generates your most influential topics based on what you are most influential about, not just on what you talk about the most. Klout generates topics for your profile based on the content that is making the strongest impact on your network. The more that people engage with a post, the more likely that you’ve influenced them about that topic.