What is a Brand Squad?

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2012 10:07AM PDT

So what’s a Brand Squad?
This is where you can drive the conversation about a brand, earn recognition for your influence, and receive special Perks for it. You have the power to engage and influence the brands you care about!

Sounds sweet! How do I join?
It’s simple. Just click “Add topic” at the top-right corner of a Brand Squad page to join. It requires five +K to join, but don’t worry, there are ways to earn more +K. You’ll see the button change to “Added” and you’ll know you’re in!

Nice. I’m in the Squad now. What can I do?
We’re glad you asked...

Check out Top Influencers

Check out the top influencers in your favorite brand. You can view the top 10, 100 or 1,000 people. The people on the leaderboards are ranked by the number of +Ks they have received in that brand topic. Scope out the competition or connect with people who have the same interests—whatever floats your boat!

See where you stand

After you have joined a Squad, you will see your ranking located near the top of the Squad page, above the “Top 10” influencers list. If you do not see your name and rank, this means you are currently not in the Top 1000 for this Brand Squad right now. Get +K in that brand topic to help increase your rank!

Give +Ks
While you’re perusing profile photos, why not also give out a few +Ks? By giving someone +K, you are vouching for their influence in a brand topic and helping them climb the ranks!

View Latest Activity

You can also check out what other Klout users are up to by looking at the Latest Activity stream. You’ll see who is raking in the +K, who just joined, and more.

Find Top Content

You can check out the latest buzz about your favorite brand in the Top Content section. The posts you see here are making the biggest impact on the social web for this brand topic. If you see something you find interesting, you can share it to your own networks, too! Just hit tweet or share to post to Twitter or Facebook.

We want to empower you to influence the brand so we’ll continue building out cool features for you to engage and make an impact!

Hey whoa. I see some sweet Perks on this Brand Squad page. How do I get those?
You can receive special Perks from your favorite brand by becoming one of the Top 1000, 100, or 10 influencers in a brand topic. These are different from your regular Perk, which you become eligible for depending on your Score, topics, and location. These brand squad Perks can only be earned by becoming a top influencer for that brand topic. To work your way to the top of these leaderboards and earn some sweet Perks, you have to earn +Ks.

You can receive +K from other users or from Klout. When other users give you +K, they are vouching for your influence in a brand topic. Klout gives you +K if our system and algorithms detect you are influential about that topic. The more +K you have, the higher you will be on the leaderboard!

Oh snap. I already qualify for a special Brand Squad Perk!
Nice! You can claim your reward by going to that specific Perk page and clicking “Claim Your Perk!” If you don’t qualify for the other Perks yet, you can try to earn +K from other users to increase your ranking.

I want more special Perks! How will I know when more are on the way?
You can check back to see what new Perks your favorite brand will be rolling out on this page at any time. If it’s not available yet, you can click on the Perk you want and find a countdown to when it will be released. Mark your calendars!

Argh! I’m having trouble on the Brand Squad page!
Egads! Sorry about that! If you’re having trouble joining a brand squad, claiming a Perk, or anything at all, just email us at help@klout.com and we’ll be happy to help you!

Where can I find other Brand Squad pages?
Right now, you can join the Brand Squads of Klout and Red Bull. Other iconic brands want to have rich engagement with influencers, so you’ll be seeing new Brand Squad pages roll out over the coming months. Stay tuned!